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"BAM" String Bikini Bottom"BAM" String Bikini Bottom
"BAM" String Bikini Top"BAM" String Bikini Top
"BAM" String Bikini Top Sale price$58.00
"BAM" Swimsuit Pant Cover Up"BAM" Swimsuit Pant Cover Up
"BAM" Swimsuit Pant Cover Up Sale priceFrom $110.00
"Christina Skirt" Tulle"Christina Skirt" Tulle
"Christina Skirt" Tulle Sale price$350.00
"Christina" Cut Out Top"Christina" Cut Out Top
"Christina" Cut Out Top Sale price$178.00
"Countess" Gown"Countess" Gown
"Countess" Gown Sale price$789.00
"Des" Black Mesh Cutout Top"Des" Black Mesh Cutout Top
"Des" Black Mesh Cutout Top Sale price$188.00
"Deszi" Black Mesh Cutout Top"Deszi" Black Mesh Cutout Top
"Macie"Sequin Gown"Macie"Sequin Gown
"Macie"Sequin Gown Sale price$850.00
"Mia" Silver Heart Neckline Gown"Mia" Silver Heart Neckline Gown
"Mistress" Dress"Mistress" Dress
"Mistress" Dress Sale price$798.00
"Odeszi" Black Ponte Shorts"Odeszi" Black Ponte Shorts
"Odeszi" Black Ponte Shorts Sale price$118.00
"Ozi" Black Mesh Cutout Top"Ozi" Black Mesh Cutout Top
"Ozi" Black Mesh Cutout Top Sale price$188.00
"Rosemary" Black Mesh Cutout top"Rosemary" Black Mesh Cutout top
"Scarlett" Halter Gown"Scarlett" Halter Gown
"Scarlett" Halter Gown Sale price$589.00
"Voltage" String Bikini Bottom"Voltage" String Bikini Bottom
"Voltage" String Bikini Top"Voltage" String Bikini Top
CUSTOM DESIGN Sale price$75.00
DB Signature Black T-ShirtDB Signature Black T-Shirt
Julia 2pc SetJulia 2pc Set
Julia 2pc Set Sale price$350.00
PROM CONSULTATION Sale price$75.00
Sample Look 1Sample Look 1
Sample Look 1 Sale price$150.00
Sample Look 10Sample Look 10
Sample Look 10 Sale price$175.00
Sample Look 11
Sample Look 11 Sale price$198.00
Sample Look 12Sample Look 12
Sample Look 12 Sale price$198.00
Sample Look 13Sample Look 13
Sample Look 13 Sale price$198.00
Sample Look 2Sample Look 2
Sample Look 2 Sale price$175.00
Sample Look 3Sample Look 3
Sample Look 3 Sale price$185.00
Sample Look 4
Sample Look 4 Sale price$185.00
Sample Look 5Sample Look 5
Sample Look 5 Sale price$168.00
Sample Look 6Sample Look 6
Sample Look 6 Sale price$175.00
Sold outSample Look 7Sample Look 7
Sample Look 7 Sale price$198.00
Sample Look 8Sample Look 8
Sample Look 8 Sale price$180.00
Sold outSample Look 9Sample Look 9
Sample Look 9 Sale price$168.00
Save $50.00Sewing  Class
Sewing Class Sale price$150.00 Regular price$200.00
“Domie” Mesh Cut Out Top“Domie” Mesh Cut Out Top