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Made to Order Dresses and Gowns

Welcome to The Dé Johnea Bianca Experience, where we bring together elegance and craftsmanship in our special collection of dresses and gowns. Our skilled artisans handcraft each gown, ensuring a flawless look and feel. We use top-notch materials for timeless designs that suit various tastes, from classic elegance to modern styles.

We value individuality. Our dresses are carefully designed to help you shine on your special day, whether it's a romantic ball gown or a sleek evening dress. We take pride in our commitment to excellence, with a production time of 3-6 weeks to ensure each piece is made with care. Explore our collection and discover gowns that celebrate craftsmanship, individuality, and enduring beauty.

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"Macie"Sequin Gown"Macie"Sequin Gown
"Macie"Sequin Gown Sale price$850.00
Sample Look 3Sample Look 3
Sample Look 3 Sale price$185.00
Sample Look 13Sample Look 13
Sample Look 13 Sale price$198.00
Sample Look 12Sample Look 12
Sample Look 12 Sale price$198.00
Sample Look 11
Sample Look 11 Sale price$198.00
"Mia" Silver Heart Neckline Gown"Mia" Silver Heart Neckline Gown
"Countess" Gown"Countess" Gown
"Countess" Gown Sale price$789.00
Sample Look 8Sample Look 8
Sample Look 8 Sale price$180.00
Sample Look 4
Sample Look 4 Sale price$185.00
"Scarlett" Halter Gown"Scarlett" Halter Gown
"Scarlett" Halter Gown Sale price$589.00
"Mistress" Dress"Mistress" Dress
"Mistress" Dress Sale price$798.00